here is complete list of T4.2 tasks and their rewards. Feel free to plan start strategies.


Tutorial tasks
Tutorial_01: Welcome: describes taskmaster and tutorial. You can continue or skip tutorial.
Tutorial_01 reward: none
Tutorial_02: tasks & tips: introduces task popup and tip button
Tutorial_02 reward: upgrade one clay pit to level 1
Tutorial_03: build a woodcutter: describes the importance of resources
Tutorial_03 reward: instant construction completion of woodcutter level 1
Tutorial_04: upgrade a woodcutter: describes relation of resource field level and production
Tutorial_04 reward: instant construction completion of woodcutter level 2
Tutorial_05: crop field: describes free crop
Tutorial_05 reward: instant construction completion of crop field level 1 and increase one crop field from level 1 to level 2
Tutorial_06: hero production: introduces hero production options
Tutorial_06 reward: 200 clay
Tutorial_07: visit your village: introduces inner and outer village buttons
Tutorial_07 reward: none
Tutorial_08: warehouse: introduces construction page and construction queue
Tutorial_08 reward: 24 hours Plus account
Tutorial_09: rally point: describes the basic function of a rally point: troop movement
Tutorial_09 reward: 2 gold
Tutorial_10: instant completion: introduces instant completion button
Tutorial_10 reward: 10 gold
Tutorial_11: adventure: introduces adventures
Tutorial_11 reward: instant arrival of the hero at the adventure location
Tutorial_12: reports: introduces report page
Tutorial_12 reward: 10 ointments
Tutorial_13: healing: introduces consumable items
Tutorial_13 reward: 20 experience points
Tutorial_14: interface help: introduces main user interface elements
Tutorial_14 reward: 270 wood, 300 clay, 270 iron and 220 crop
Tutorial_15: end of tutorial: introduces the info box
Tutorial_15 reward: none

Alternative task:
Tutorial_15a: skipped tutorial: hints to rewards and further tasks
Tutorial_15a reward: one woodcutter level 2, one clay pit to level 1, one crop field level 2, rally point level 1, 24 hours Plus account, 10 gold

Economy tasks
Economy_01: iron mine: start construction order for iron mine
Economy_01 reward: 24h production boost for all 4 resources
Economy_02: one each: have 2 fields of each resource on level 1 or higher
Economy_02 reward: 160 wood, 190 clay, 150 iron, 70 crop
Economy_03: granary: have a granary
Economy_03 reward: 250 wood, 290 clay, 100 iron, 130 crop
Economy_04: everything to one: have all resource fields level 1 or higher
Economy_04 reward: 400 wood, 460 clay, 330 iron, 270 crop
Economy_05: to two: have 1 field of each resource on level 2 or higher
Economy_05 reward: 240 wood, 255 clay, 190 iron, 160 crop
Economy_06: market: have a market place
Economy_06 reward: 600 wood
Economy_07: trading: offer resources on the market or accept an offer
Economy_07 reward: 100 wood, 99 clay, 99 iron, 99 crop
Economy_08: everything to two: have all resource fields level 2 or higher
Economy_08 reward: 400 wood, 400 clay, 400 iron, 200 crop
Economy_09: warehouse level 3: have warehouse level 3 or higher
Economy_09 reward: 620 wood, 730 clay, 560 iron, 230 crop
Economy_10: granary level 3: have granary level 3 or higher
Economy_10 reward: 880 wood, 1020 clay, 590 iron, 320 crop
Economy_11: grain mill: have a grain mill
Economy_11 reward: increase grain mill level from 1 to 2
Economy_12: everything to five: have all resource fields level 5 or higher
Economy_12 reward: 24h production boost for all 4 resources

World tasks
World_01: statistics: open statistic page
World_01 reward: 90 wood, 120 clay, 60 iron, 30 crop
World_02: village name: change your village’s name
World_02 reward: (100 div gameworld_speed) culture points
World_03: main building level 3: have main building level 3 or higher
World_03 reward: 170 wood, 100 clay, 130 iron, 70 crop
World_04: embassy: have an embassy
World_04 reward: 215 wood, 145 clay, 195 iron, 50 crop
World_05: map: open the map
World_05 reward: 90 wood, 160 clay, 90 iron, 95 crop
World_06: messages: read or delete the IGM from taskmaster
World_06 reward: 280 wood, 315 clay, 200 iron, 145 crop
World_07 if payment is available: gold: purchase the task gold package
World_07 reward: none, but you get that 20 gold that you purchased
World_07a if payment is not available: read the advantages of gold features
World_07a reward: 20 gold
World_08: alliance: be in an alliance
World_08 reward: 295 wood, 210 clay, 235 iron, 185 crop
World_09: main building level 5: have main building level 5 or higher
World_09 reward: 570 wood, 470 clay, 560 iron, 265 crop
World_10: residence: have a residence or a palace
World_10 reward: 525 wood, 420 clay, 620 iron, 335 crop
World_11: culture points: open the culture points tab
World_11 reward: 650 wood, 800 clay, 740 iron, 530 crop
World_12: warehouse level 7: have warehouse level 7 or higher
World_12 reward: 2650 wood, 2150 clay, 1810 iron, 1320 crop
World_13: surrounding reports: open surrounding reports page
World_13 reward: 800 wood, 700 clay, 750 iron, 600 crop
World_14: residence level 10: have residence or palace level 10 or higher
World_14 reward: (500 div gameworld_speed) culture points
World_15: settlers: have 3 or more settlers
World_15 reward: 1050 wood, 800 clay, 900 iron, 750 crop
World_16: new village: have more than one village
World_16 reward: 48h Plus account

Battle tasks
Battle_01: next adventure: start your second adventure
Battle_01 reward: 30 experience points
Battle_02: cranny: have a cranny
Battle_02 reward: 130 wood, 150 clay, 120 iron, 100 crop
Battle_03: barracks: have barracks
Battle_03 reward: 110 wood, 140 clay, 160 iron, 30 crop
Battle_04: hero level: have hero level 1 or higher and spend a skill point
Battle_04 reward: 190 wood, 250 clay, 150 iron, 110 crop
Battle_05: train troops: have 2 or more troops of troop type 1 (=club swingers/phalanxes/legionnaires)
Battle_05 reward: 1 cage
Battle_06: wall: have a wall
Battle_06 reward: 120 wood, 120 clay, 90 iron, 50 crop
Battle_07: oasis: start a raid against an oasis
Battle_07 reward: 2 basic troop units
Battle_08: 10 adventures: succeed 10 adventures
Battle_08 reward: 500 silver
Battle_09: auctions: start a new auction or bit on an auction
Battle_09 reward: 280 wood, 120 clay, 220 iron, 110 crop
Battle_10: barracks level 3: have barracks level 3 or higher
Battle_10 reward: 440 wood, 290 clay, 430 iron, 240 crop
Battle_11: academy: have an academy
Battle_11 reward: 210 wood, 170 clay, 245 iron, 115 crop
Battle_12: research troops: finish researching a troop type
Battle_12 reward: 450 wood, 435 clay, 515 iron, 550 crop
Battle_13: smithy: have a smithy
Battle_13 reward: 500 wood, 400 clay, 700 iron, 400 crop
Battle_14: upgrade troops: finish upgrading a troop type
Battle_14 reward: 10 small bandages

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